The Tour de France sucks

I went to bed last night with the news covering mile 6,000 of the Tour de France.  Ok, it wasn’t mile 6,000 but am I the only one that thinks cycling as a competitive sport is the most annoying thing there is?  Something about the fans staged in the rural countryside for hours, waiting for a glimpse of a mass of spandex-clad men to zoom by like a group of bicycling bees…I can’t help but think as I see it EVERY YEAR, is that it?  I might even go out on a limb right now and say that the Tour de France sucks as much, if not more, than iPhones.  Ok, I will slow down.  That might have gone too far.  Maybe as much as skinny jeans on hipsters in Silverlake?

I have never been a fan of cyclists or cycling in any setting though.  For my knee recovery through the years, everyone has always quipped, “You should get on a bike, it would be sooooo great for you.”  Ummm, no.  No thanks.  Don’t like it and don’t want to.  Then, everyone at work is always like, “Oh, it’s so cool, I am biking to work and getting a workout at the same time.”  I can respect the whole workout/commuting combo aspect of it, but the congested roadways are dangerous enough with all of the drunk and distracted drivers on them.

Ok, enough venting before 9am.  It is Sunday after all.  My plan for today is to post some of my poetry a little later.  For now, Hugo just got up and its time for a cup of coffee 🙂