The agony of selling real estate

One word…ughhh.  Is that even a word?  It is to me, right here and now as we are in the middle of escrow, about to hopefully close on our rental property sale.  Dealing with lenders, underwriters, agents and all others involved is exhausting to say the least.  Our escrow snafu entails some verbiage in a homeowner’s association insurance policy, which is nothing short of 400 pages for all parties to review.  Both super boring and super unexciting and all parties involved point fingers at everyone else as to what the hold up is.  The joys of real estate transactions…here’s hoping it is over soon and we successfully close escrow on time next week!

It is sometimes difficult to be patient when dealing with other people because I sometimes want to wring their necks (as my Mom would say) when they don’t cooperate and get their business handled in a timely manner.  I am extremely assertive and aggressive when it comes to managing phone calls, checking things off of my to-do list and just, how do you say, getting shit done.  It boggles the mind when others around you are not on the same page.  Maybe that is the learning lesson in all of this.  Maybe.