Links to things I love






Alaska Airlines – My favorite airline.  When you call, you speak to real human beings, normally in Idaho (yes, that’s a state in the USA). Also, in times of need, they are incredibly gracious with waiving fees and actually taking care of their customers.  Their credit card is excellent too. Great perks, such as a free companion fare every year, and no foreign transaction fees.

Alden’s Organic Ice Cream – Delicious ice cream that is made the way it should be, by respecting the cows who provide the base of your ice cream elixir.  Grab yourself a quart and keep it all to yourself 🙂

Brown Eyed Baker – Outstanding website for fun, delicious recipes.  Check out one of our favorites – Greek Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce!

Chanel Nail Polish – Because of my job (both my actual occupation and place of employment shall remain unnamed), I need to keep my nails simple and clean.  Chanel Nail Polish in Ballerina is the perfect color; I feel feminine while still maintaining a simple, respectable look.

Chef John Hugo enjoys cooking his recipes and we both thoroughly enjoy eating them.  Chef John has a fun approach to cooking and the art of the process itself.  

Coyuchi Very expensive organic bedding/clothing company but based on the one insanely soft blanket I bought from them, very well worth it.  I am starting a piggy bank so I can buy Hugo and I some new bed sheets from here in 2025.

FabFitFun – Quarterly at-home shipments of new beauty, clothing, and personal products.  Great gift idea for a deserving man or woman in your life.  

Fabletics – Cute, high-quality leggings that I can’t get enough of.  The price is fairly steep ($85 for a pair of stretchy pants??!?) but the VIP membership allows a first time buyer to nab two pair for $24.  Then, just cancel the membership if you don’t want to keep it, after capitalizing on the leggings.  Beautiful patterns and classic solid shades complete the look.  

Forks Over Knives – Plant-based meals made simple.  I recently gifted their original, best-selling cookbook to both my father and Hugo for Christmas.  They loved it for the straight-forward recipes and that is a stellar review, considering they are both experienced at-home chefs who cook everything they eat and take pride in feeding their families with healthful meals.

Living on the Earth – Bill Duesing’s essays speak the conscience of the environmental movement in Connecticut. For years I have clipped and saved them for inspiration. Duesing reminds us that the simplest pleasures of life bring the most personal happiness and the greatest harmony with nature. — Representative Mary Mushinshy, Assistant Majority Leader, Connecticut General Assembly 

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Deodorant – One of the best, if not the best, natural deodorant that we have found.  Perfect for those stinky pits!!

Organic Consumers Association – Excellent site and email blast containing organic farming and legislative news.

Organic Sweat ShackLove me some infrared sauna!  The mental and physical benefits are just incredible (check it out for yourself).  This is our local spot to get our sweat on.  

Perfect Bar – THE BEST PROTEIN BAR EVER!!  I survive on these almost daily.  Order online directly through them here and get 15% off!!  Hugo and I never get sick of them plus they are loaded with super foods.

Pesticide Action Network – Support the work they do for our earth by donating a few dollars, signing their petitions or both.

Real Estate Express – The online company I chose to take my three required California real estate courses through.  After some research and comparison between companies, I chose this provider because of the cost ($300) and the format, which turned out to be very easy to navigate.  

San Jorge Eco-Lodges & Botanical Reserves – 1,700 species of birds, 65 hummingbird species, 15 waterfalls, 14 unique ecosystems, 7 private birding reserves, 4 unique eco-lodges and not one good reason why you shouldn’t visit this magical place in Ecuador.  **10/12/18 update – Two new reserves are now updated on the website**

Teeccino – Amazing coffee alternative.  Really enjoyable at night when you are craving a hot cup of coffee but aren’t interested in late-night caffeine.  Sprinkle a little cinnamon and stir in a little whole milk.  Delish!

The Dodo – Light-hearted rescue animal videos that put a smile on your face.  

The Kitchn – I was craving a simple, hearty vegetarian meal when I stumbled across this delish Herbed Gnocchi and Mushrooms recipeIt just might become a once weekly addition to our household.  

Uncommon Goods – Cool online boutique for unique gifts.

Vom Bustos Hause Our local Rottweiler breeder where our two upcoming pups will hail from.  The owner, Frank Bustos, is wonderful to his dogs and prospective Rottie owners.  You can tell he genuinely cares for the breed and the puppies he is producing.  Check out his website for gorgeous adult photos and sweet puppy pics.  There’s something about Rottweiler puppies that make my heart melt.  Can’t wait for our two little lovelies to join our family at the end of this December!