Shark Week is almost upon us

I need to start off by saying, I am a devout, proud, tried-and-true LAND ANIMAL.  I exist on solid ground and I breathe air through my nostrils as I walk on two feet.  All of that needs to be clearly stated in order to follow it up with the fact that I can quite scared of the water.  Lake water, ocean water, even puddle water deeper than about four feet gives me anxiety that usually forces me right out of the water and back onto solid ground.  It is mainly the fear of the unknown that lurks below the surface that makes me so anxious.  Every small piece of seaweed or a single, rogue, submerged leaf that brushes my leg causes me to jump as if an undiscovered, record-breaking megamouth shark is about to enjoy my lower limbs as an appetizer.  I’m really not kidding…ask Hugo about my actions and reactions in the water.

Not only does the fear of what lies beneath irk me but there is also a feeling of not having control.  I am a control freak and an alpha female in every sense so the helpless feeling I get when I am in over my head (literally and physically) does not appeal to me in the least.  When I am in deep water, I feel vulnerable, susceptible to attack, and powerless.  I feel that I don’t have a fighting chance to escape, defend myself or run like hell!  And in my rational mind, I don’t like those feelings so I do everything in my power to avoid the 70% of the planet that makes me feel that way.

After presenting you with that fun fact about myself, I have to follow it up with my love and appreciation of all living things.  I was raised outdoors and I have a deep respect for the natural world.  In regards to the world’s waterways, I admire the fishes and everyone else who calls the water their home (other than dolphins, never been a dolphin fan).

I even love the sharks.  The truth is, I admire, respect and am fascinated by sharks.  Particularly hammerhead sharks.  Which is kind of ironic, considering I am so incredibly scared of the open water, where these awesome sea beasts call home.

So, with all of that said, mark your calendars for the start of Shark Week 2018, which officially begins on Sunday, June 22nd, 2018 (check out the countdown ticker I put up on the homepage).  Celebrating thirty years and hosted by Shaquille O’Neal this year, Shark Week, in my opinion, is one of the most spectacular television happenings of the year.  Watch the fun shows, learn about the fascinating creatures and do all that you can to keep our oceans clean so those beautiful sharks can thrive for many years to come.


2 thoughts on “Shark Week is almost upon us

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