The beginning

I have always been a writer in one sense of the word or another.  From an early age, I enjoyed writing and this initially took the form of my first published works, published by yours truly as a one women writer and publishing house known as Hero Magazine.  At the age of roughly 10, I began interviewing family members, writing articles, collecting advertisements to generate revenue and putting ink to paper on a monthly basis.  Hero Magazine was shipped nationally (and sometimes internationally to a young friend who traveled abroad) and I thoroughly enjoyed pouring my heart into it.  I am sorry to say that Hero Magazine is no longer in publication 😦

I progressed to AP English with an overweight, too-small-stretch-pants-wearing , middle-aged English teacher in high school.  I loved it but not her.  Let’s move on.

Flash forward to my current profession (which shall remain anonymous for now), where I have always ended up being the one who will write an article, an excerpt, a news submission of sorts whenever anyone needs something documented.  I enjoy it so I will always volunteer.  But with all of that said, something was missing.  Work isn’t satisfying me in a creative way and I needed an outlet.  So here we are.

I brainstormed for days on a title and a format, if I should or shouldn’t do it.  But I kept coming back to wanting to do it.  And by do it, I mean, start writing again.  I began tirelessly drafting a long list of hot topics to write about; things I am passionate about, angry about, inspired by and in love with.  I have so much to share and I just hope that someone out there wants to listen.  If nothing else, I will be sitting here, early mornings and late nights, venting about all of the things that make me tick.  For a quick run-down, I have an incredible marriage with my soulmate (hold the cheese, I know how that sounds, but it’s real haters).  I have a great relationship with my parents, who are happily married after forty years together.  I survive on organic produce and supporting sustainable farming practices, I bite my nails (although I know I shouldn’t), and I am not a huge fan of social media.  I could go on forever but I guess this is a fair start.

Join me as I navigate through life, air my grievances, reflect on lessons learned, and celebrate all of the joy that exists around us.  My only hope is by sharing my past and present, I will contribute to your future.

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